You Will Put This Sauce on EVERYTHING - Even Your Leftovers!

You Will Put This Sauce on EVERYTHING - Even Your Leftovers!

Green goddess sauce is a (not so) hidden secret of the culinary world. It can feel a little intimidating because of the list of ingredients, but there is literally no cooking involved! You just blend everything together and pure deliciousness is ready to brighten up so many dishes.

This sauce is actually meant as a salad dressing, but the fresh, lightly tangy flavour and decadent creaminess make it fantastic on grilled meats, steamed or roasted vegetables, pasta, grain bowls and more. Even your dullest leftovers can be brightened up with a dash of the goddess!

There are several different green goddess recipes out there. Most call for anchovies or anchovy paste, but there are also delicious vegan versions that get that mouth watering umami flavour from tahini and soy sauce.

Here are 3 of our favourite green goddess sauce recipes:

Simply Recipes - Elise Bauer 

We love the addition of sour cream to this variation as it really amps up the freshness and creaminess. Drizzled over a sizzling steak or giving life to a pillowy baked potato, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

New York Times - Martha Rose Shulman

This variation calls for watercress or spinach in addition to fresh herbs. We like making this one with spinach as it amps up the nutritional value of this flavourful sauce. You may not think a bit of sauce can add much nutrition, but when a sauce is this yummy, you may end up eating a LOT of sauce. If you go with spinach, we do recommend opting for baby spinach, as the larger, darker leaves can be a bit too bitter.

The Endless Meal - Kristen Stevens 

This vegan variation of green goddess might be the most flavourful as it uses miso paste, tahini, soy sauce and nutritional yeast for that savoury umami flavour, and a touch of maple syrup to bring a richness that will blow you away. If you’re unfamiliar with nutritional yeast, this sauce is a great introduction to it. For vegans, nutritional yeast can be an important source of B12, but also has a cheesy, nutty flavour and brings a rich texture to foods that can take a dish from “not bad” to “YUM!”

What else can you do with green goddess sauce? Use it as a vegetable dip, pour it over cheesy nachos, dunk your sweet potato fries, liven up a casserole, or even dip a roasted vegetables panini or gooey grilled cheese and tomato sandwich into a bowl of tangy green goddess to take it up to the next level.

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