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FoodHero is the app that brings merchants and consumers together to sell surplus food that would otherwise end up in landfill. FoodHero bridges the gap between these two groups with its easy-to-use marketplace-based platform. Designed to reduce food waste, the app allows merchants and consumers to save money, while doing their part for the planet.

2018, Jonathan Defoy, le fondateur de FoodHero


An idea is born

In 2018, Jonathan Defoy, the founder of FoodHero, was struck by an epiphany while watching a report on food waste which inspired him to embark on an innovative project: to create a revolutionary mobile app that aims to fight food waste.

Lancement de FoodHero. En 2019, l'application mobile FoodHero voit le jour.


Launch of FoodHero

In 2019, the FoodHero mobile app was launched as a pilot project in five Métro grocery stores in Montreal and in more than 200 IGA stores across Quebec. The idea was simple: the app offered customers unsold but still consumable products at discounts of between 25% and 60%. The initiative generated a huge buzz, positioning FoodHero as the leader in its market segment in Quebec.

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Rapid expansion

In 2020, FoodHero experienced rapid growth, attracting thousands of users in Quebec despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The app continued to grow and raise public awareness of the fight against food waste.

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Strategic partnerships

In 2021, FoodHero consolidated its impact by rolling out its application in a number of stores across New Brunswick. These partnerships enabled the app to reach an even wider audience and continue its mission to reduce food waste.

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Continued success

In 2022, FoodHero expanded its network of partners by beginning to work with Rachelle-Béry, Marchés Traditions and Bonichoix under the Sobeys banner, strengthening its presence in the food waste reduction market. Users continued to benefit from substantial discounts on unsold products, contributing to the economy while preserving the environment.


New prospects

In 2023, FoodHero continued to thrive while looking to expand into the rest of Canada. The application has already succeeded in raising awareness among hundreds of thousands of users about the fight against food waste and the importance of sustainability. What's more, FoodHero ran its first warehouse sale test on the app in partnership with Quebec-based Oatbox, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation in the fight against food waste and offering its users quality produce at great prices.

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