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The App

What is FoodHero?

FoodHero is an app that connects food merchants to consumers to quickly sell surplus fresh food that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Food merchants end up tossing good food in landfills for many reasons. Either it is nearing its expiry date, it isn’t “pretty” enough for the shelves, they have extra products they aren’t able to sell in time, or a variety of other reasons.

At the same time, food prices are constantly on the rise and smart consumers are looking for ways to reduce their grocery bill, while still enjoying delicious, nutritious food.

FoodHero brings those two groups together on an easy-to-use, auction style platform to help reduce global food waste, save money for consumers and business, and save the planet.

Why become a FoodHero?

Save food, save money and save the planet. Why not become a FoodHero?

How does it work?


Scan and upload any food items that need to be sold quickly. You set the pricing and the pick up times. Not only do you monetize your losses, but you attract new customers to your business and contribute to the fight again food waste.


Browse grocery stores and restaurants in your area to find great deals on groceries and prepared foods. Make your purchases directly within the app, then pick up your items at the store location.

What stores are associated with FoodHero as of now?

We have currently partnered with IGA, Metro, Rachelle-Béry and Marché Tradition.

We plan to continue partnering with more food retailers in the future. If you are interested in becoming a FoodHero partner, please contact us.

How do I set up my profile?

1. Download the mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

2. Click on Sign Up as New Hero!

3. Choose to complete your sign up with your phone number, your email address or your Apple or Facebook account.

4. You are officially signed up! Receive $5 in FoodHero credits on your first order!

Do I have to share my geolocation?

You can refuse to share your location and enter solely your postal code. The location feature is mostly used to detect which stores are partnered with FoodHero in your area.

How do I place an order?

Choose a store that is close to you and add items to your cart.

Choose the best time to pick up your order in-store as well as the payment method.

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will a receive a confirmation with your pick-up time, the store contact information and pick up instructions.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept the following debit and credit cards: Visa/Visa Debit, Mastercard/Mastercard Debit and Amex. You can also choose to pay through services such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

What happens when I place an order?

Once your order is ready, you will receive a notification.

You simply present yourself to the designated counter, based on the store you ordered from, to collect your purchases.

Store employees will have to validate your order on the spot, so be sure you have your phone with your app on hand to show them the confirmation number you received when you originally placed your order.

Since you have already paid for your order through the FoodHero mobile app, you won’t have any outstanding fees to pay in-store.

What if I am late to pick up my order?

We are usually very flexible and let you arrive a few hours after your chosen pick-up time. However, as the products purchased are perishable and have a limited lifespan, the store can decide to dispose of your order within the next 12 to 24 hours after the deadline. Some of your products might not be consumable anymore and unfortunately, will have to be thrown away. It is thus very important, for the sake of the environment and your wallet, to not exceed the planned pick-up time.

If you are late and haven’t yet received the notification that your order is expired, please contact the store as soon as possible. FoodHero gives each store the discretion to apply their own policy towards late pick-ups as a way to maximise the safety of the food being sold and to maintain the efficiency of their operations.

What happens if I do not pick up my order?

We understand, the unexpected happens! If for some reason beyond your control, you cannot show up, please contact us as soon as possible. Uncollected orders are not refunded; however, we will take care in assessing every situation and possibly make an exception on rare occasions.

Why do some stores display very little to no products?

It is possible that certain merchants in your area don’t necessarily have any surplus food for the moment or they are new to the FoodHero program. Make sure to check the app more than once a day for the next daily auction.

If you want to see more food in the participating stores near your home, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will gladly relay the message to our participating merchants that our dear heroes want to purchase more of their surplus food.

What happens if there is no food in my area?

Please let us know! It’s possible there may be limited FoodHero partners in your area.

We are continually partnering with new merchants and looking for areas of high demand in which to form partnerships. If you are unable to find food in your area, please contact us and include your postal or zip code.

You can also help!

If you would like to see FoodHero in a store near you, your workplace or in areas that you visit frequently, TELL YOUR LOCAL STORE so that they can join the FoodHero movement!

What if I am having problems with the app?

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please try to uninstall and reinstall the app through either the App Store or the Google PlayStore. This should fix most problems. If, in any case, you are still experiencing these technical difficulties, please contact us here or through the “Contact FoodHero” option in the settings of your profile and let us know about the problem you’re having as well as the error message you’re receiving with any steps you’ve done in an attempt to solve the problem.

What if I am unhappy with my FoodHero experience?

We’re very sorry to hear that and would appreciate knowing more about your experience so that we can improve in the future. If you would like to share your experience, please contact us here or through the Send Feedback option in your FoodHero profile settings.

How do I delete my FoodHero account?

Simply go to the Profile section (in the app) and click on the “Delete my account” button. But be careful, once done it can’t be cancelled!

What type of food will I find on FoodHero?

Since we partner with both grocery stores and restaurants, you’ll find all kinds of food items. Produce, meat and prepared foods have shorter lifespans, so you’ll find a lot of these types of items, but you will also find dry goods and non-perishables, dairy products, specialty items and more.

Are the products on FoodHero expired?

No! Wasted food is good food. It’s surplus food, food that will expire soon or food that has been frozen prior to its expiration date. But it is perfectly good (and delicious)!

We guarantee that frozen foods were put in the freezer at least 12 hours before the expiration date in order to ensure the quality of the food is not compromised. Fresh food items (non-frozen) will ALWAYS be sold before their expiration date.

With that being said, one of the main causes of food waste comes from the miscommunication of the expiration dates. Usually, these dates have nothing to do with the safety of the food products but more with the quality promise of the manufacturer. For example, a cereal company can promise a crunchy cereal texture up until the “best before” date but remains perfectly good for consumption past this date, even though they might not be as crunchy.

We are working hard to change that understanding in an effort to reduce food waste and ensure safe, edible food is used and not tossed.

For more information on "Best Before" dates, please see this article from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

I am missing one or more products from my order

It can happen, but we really try to avoid it. While your order is being assembled, it is possible for the merchant to notice that an item has been damaged or simply no longer answers to the pre-set quality criteria. If that is the case, you will automatically be refunded for the removed items.

To make sure you have received your refund, head to your FoodHero profile and select the order in question under the “past orders” category. You should see which items have been removed and refunded.

If you do not see the removed items, you have the option to request a refund for the products you never received. This option is located at the bottom of the order in question in the « past orders » category as previously mentioned. Be cautious, however, because you only have 24hrs after you have picked up your order to request a refund. After this delay, please contact us and our support team will gladly help you out and fulfill your demand.

I am unsatisfied with my products

Products sold on the FoodHero platform have a limited lifespan, but we assure you that they will always be consumable at the time it was purchased. In buying these items, you are giving a second life to these products and saving food that is destined to be wasted by preventing it from ending up at the dumping ground. This is why it is possible to receive products on FoodHero that don’t have the same level of quality as you’d normally find in store.

If you do receive products that are unfit for consumption, this shouldn’t happen and we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Our support team will take great care of you and take the necessary measures to address the situation directly with the store.

Why is food waste so important?

Food waste wastes... Everything.

Approximately 40% of all the food produced around the world is wasted each year. And when food is wasted, everything used to get that food onto our plates is wasted too - water, energy, fertilizers, pesticides (even organic ones), cropland and so much more.

In the US alone, 40 trillion litres of water is wasted each year because of food waste. That’s like leaving a giant tap running all year long!

The carbon footprint of food produced and not eaten (wasted) is estimated to 3.3 Gtonnes of CO2 equivalent; as such, food wastage ranks as the 3rd top emitter after USA and China. The equivalent of 1 billion cars on the road!

How does FoodHero reduce food waste?

We help rescue food like surplus stock, items nearing their best-before dates (that are still perfectly safe), produce that isn’t “pretty” enough for the shelves, items with damaged (but still safely sealed) packaging, prepared meals that need to sell quickly and more.

FoodHero empowers food merchants to quickly and easily track and sell these perfectly safe and delicious food items by connecting them with consumers who can enjoy amazing deals on groceries and restaurant meals.

It’s more money in everyone’s pockets and a lot less food in landfills. Win-win!

After using FoodHero, how will I know I am actually saving the planet?

We show you the numbers!

Go to your profile tab in the FoodHero app. Near the top, just below your profile picture, you’ll see how much water and CO2 you’ve saved, as well as the total approximate weight of food you’ve saved from landfills.

What are some steps I can take to become a FoodHero?

If you want to take steps towards saving the planet and reducing your grocery bill, download the FoodHero app today! For iOS / For Android

If you are a food merchant, partnering with FoodHero empowers you to quickly and easily sell surplus food to consumers in your local community.

As you recoup some of that lost profit, you also help the planet by reducing waste and help reduce food poverty in your community by providing nutritious food and reduced prices.

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with FoodHero.

Through a simple partnership, you become a hero. A FoodHero.

We would love your feedback!