How to use the FoodHero app

How to use the FoodHero app

Want to save the planet? Of course, you do! Approximately 40% of all the food produced around the world is wasted each year. Food that’s not eaten and thrown out-produces around 3.3 tonnes of CO2, making food wastage the 3rd top emitter. That’s the equivalent of 1 billion cars on the road!

Lucky for you, the FoodHero app is the perfect way to reduce food waste, decrease your carbon footprint, and save money—all in one go. By shopping through FoodHero, you’re helping us rescue food like surplus stock, items nearing their best-before dates (that are still perfectly safe), produce that isn’t “pretty” enough for the shelves, prepared meals that need to sell quickly, and more.

Ready to save the world? Here’s a 4-step guide on how to use the FoodHero app to get the most out of it.

1. Shop where you always do

You don’t have to go far to make an impact. Simply download the app, add your address, and watch a curated selection of grocery stores appear near you. You can freely browse locations before signing up to see if it’s worth it (*Spoiler Alert* It totally is!)

We’re currently partnered with IGAs and Metros across the province of Quebec and New Brunswick, with new partners being added every month!

No food in your area? Explore new options nearby

The app uses geolocation to help you find options nearby. It’s possible there are merchants in your area that simply don’t have surplus food available at the moment, or there may be limited FoodHero partners in your area. Make sure to check the app a few times a day as we have 3, 4 or even 5 daily auctions (depending on the area).

We’re continually partnering with new merchants and looking for areas of high demand in which to form partnerships. 

2. Save on all your faves

It’s time to select your items and fill up your cart! We partner with both grocery stores and small local merchants, so you’ll find over 50,000 delicious goodies at reduced prices every day. Produce, meat and prepared foods have shorter lifespans, so you’ll find a lot of these types of items, but you’ll also find dry goods and non-perishables, dairy products, specialty items, and more.

These items are all surplus food, or food that will expire soon. They’re still perfectly good (and delicious) right now and ALWAYS sold to you BEFORE the “best before” dates.

Use filters to find what you’re looking for

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can filter your search by food type, by merchant or even by specialty diet (we see you, gluten-free foodies!)

Instantly see your environmental impact

When you select an item, the app automatically calculates how many kilos of CO2 (or carbon dioxide) you’ve saved. To see this, go to your profile tab in the FoodHero app. Near the top, just below your profile picture, you’ll see how much water and CO2 you’ve saved, as well as the total approximate weight of food you’ve saved from landfills.

Why is this important? Because food that’s wasted produces CO2, a greenhouse gas that traps heat within our atmosphere. Too much CO2 leads to global warming, which contributes to climate change. Learn exactly how FoodHero calculates your CO2 heroics here

3. Checkout & collect

Satisfied with your items? You’re ready for checkout! We offer a variety of secure payment options including Credit, Interac and Apple Pay. Once you’ve placed your order, you’re ready to go pick up your food. Pick up is almost always at the store you purchase from, although select merchants may offer delivery. 

You’ll be able to see the pickup location and time before placing an order, and that information will be confirmed in your order confirmation.

Due to the perishability of food and limited supply, stores may not keep your order for more than an additional 12 or 24 hours if you’re late for your pick-up time.

We encourage you to bring your own reusable bags to further prevent waste!

4. Make it a daily habit

Check your notifications on a regular basis for daily deals. We add hundreds of fresh new grocery items at up to 60% off to the FoodHero marketplace every day, multiple times a day. 

You can create personal goals by setting up monthly or yearly food waste objectives. It’s a great way to measure and see the positive impact your purchases have on the planet.

Where to download the app

Ready to reduce your food waste and become a FoodHero? Download the app on the Apple App Store for iOS or on Google Play for android.

This way for savings

Download the app that helps you save on fresh surplus products.

Fight food waste, save money and help Mother Earth. Don't wait, download the app now.

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