The merchant's guide to saving with FoodHero

The merchant's guide to saving with FoodHero

Did you know? Approximately $161 billion worth of food ends up in landfills annually and more than 40% of surplus food is needlessly tossed globally every year due to exaggerated sell-by dates. What many merchants don’t know is by throwing out unsold food, you’re actually trashing your bottom line.

Lucky for you, FoodHero has a turn-key solution that can help you turn good surplus food into great profit—all while avoiding cannibalization from your regular revenue channels, reducing  your food waste, and generating foot traffic to your stores.

By connecting your shrink inventory to FoodHero, you’re helping us rescue food like surplus stock, items nearing their best-before dates (that are still perfectly safe to eat), produce that isn’t “pretty” enough for the shelves, prepared meals that need to sell quickly, and more. Best of all, you’re giving your customers an eco-friendly and rewarding way save.

Benefits of connecting FoodHero to your operations

1. Easy implementation & operation

FoodHero quickly and seamlessly integrates with your existing system and processes, while keeping manipulations and labour time to a minimum. This means you can save more and waste less with minimal effort.

2. Gain new clients & walk-ins

The application helps you open the doors to thousands of new customers for each new store launch. It’s the best way to provide an eco-friendly and rewarding way for your consumers to save. Plus, FoodHero is completely compatible with curbside and in-store pickups.

3. A powerful e-comm engine

It’s a user-friendly turnkey solution for both grocers and shoppers—equipped with tools & E-commerce solutions to help you understand your customers’ needs, so you can provide them with a customer experience they’ll love. 

FoodHero makes it easy (and fun!) for customers to save food & money


Your customers don’t have to go far to make an impact. All they have to do is download the FoodHero app, add their address, and watch a curated selection of grocery stores (like yours!) appear near them. If there’s no food in their area, the app uses geolocation to help them find options nearby.

Easy to use

The process is super simple. Since your shrink inventory is already connected to the app, customers get access to all your surplus items at reduced prices every day. From there, customers can select the food rescues they want by simply adding them to their cart, hitting checkout, and going to pick up their order the same day in store.

Depending on your customer’s needs and preferences, they can filter their search by food type, by merchant, or even by specialty diet to make it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for.


FoodHero does so much more than just help you reduce a significant amount of food waste--it also provides an eco-friendly and rewarding way for your consumers to save. The only thing consumers love more than a good food discount, is when they know that discount contributes to a meaningful cause—in this case: reducing food waste. 

FoodHero also encourages customers to invite friends to use the app in exchange for FoodHero credits (discounts), which helps lead to increased walk-ins and repeat business for you.


When customers select an item, the app automatically calculates how many kilos of CO2 (or carbon dioxide) they’ve saved. They can also see in their profile how much water, CO2 and the total approximate weight of food they’ve saved from landfills by purchasing unsold food items through the app.

Show your commitment to sustainability

Not only does FoodHero benefit your business, but it also benefits the environment. Together with our partners, we’re saving thousands of tons of food from going to waste every month—and we’re just getting started.

Want to make a difference in the world? Join the fight against food waste and show customers that you’re committed to making the planet a healthier, happier place with a sustainable solution that makes diverting surplus food from our landfills a breeze. 

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