Eat your greens: 5 green power foods.

Eat your greens: 5 green power foods.

March is full of greens--and we sure do need to eat lots of them. Not to mention, green power foods are in abundance this time of year. Why not take full advantage during our Meatless March?We deem green foods as “power foods” for a solid reason: they’re packed with powerful vitamins and nutrients that feed us tons of energy and improve our overall health performance.You’d be surprised at just how much eating whole foods can improve your everyday life, especially green power foods. Its natural green colour signifies that these foods contain  vitamin C, folate, iron, calcium… the list goes on.If this health talk doesn’t make much sense to you, check out this colour fruit and vegetable chart. This guide displays the benefits of fruits and vegetables by category. They also have a section that breaks down what their associated health benefits provide for us.We know just what you’re thinking–what exactly deems a fruit or vegetable as a “power” food, if they aren’t automatically all labeled as such for their green colour?Stay tuned and get familiar with 5 of the most accessible green power foods you can indulge in during these last few winter months. 

1. Kale

Kale is no stranger to the power food game, they’ve risen in popularity over the years so you can’t miss the hype.The leafy, dark green cruciferous vegetable is notorious for its mega nutritional content. They include vitamin C and vitamin K for a strong immune system and strong bones.Kale’s also said to fight against cancer and help regulate your blood sugar levels.You can add kale to your delicious smoothies, make indulgent kale chips as an alternative to your average potato ones or even incorporate some greens in your decadent pasta dish

2. Brussel sprouts 

Believe it or not, if you marinate your brussel sprouts just right they’ll taste incredible.Not only are brussel sprouts super smoky and flavourful, but they’re also jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients that give them the green power food title. This power food veggie is full of potassium, high levels of vitamin C and fibre, which means they’re great for strengthening your heart and kidney.Brussel sprouts also lower your risk of stroke and help reduce your blood pressure.Spotlight them as a stellar side dish option paired with pieces of tempeh topped with sweet maple syrup, wholesome sweet potatoes or with grated parmesan.

3. Green apple

Green apples aren’t just your granny’s favourite apple to bake with, their tart flavour gives them reign above all other types of apples in their ultimate fresh and aromatic versatility.The granny smith apple is rich in vitamins A and C, but they’re also high in a beneficial fibre called pectin, but it does so much more than boost your metabolism.Pectin helps with gut health and your microbiome so that your body stays aligned and functions to maintain your health.Add them for a tart sweetness in your salads and if you’re feeling daring, whip up some green apple curry or a side of ginger chutney

4. Kiwi

Kiwis are a deeply underrated fruit. They’ve got a unique, pungent sweetness that isn’t overpowering and blends well with an assortment of different meals, sweet and savoury.These exotic fruits have large amounts of fibre, folate and vitamin C, which help your genes, cells and regulate your digestive system.Kiwis also give you serotonin, helping you feel better and sleep better.For a taste of freshness, try a kiwi coconut yogurt parfait, use them in salsa or add them to your cucumber, walnut and fresh mint salad.

5. Asparagus

Power vegetable asparagus that isn't limited to serving alongside greasy bacon. They pair perfectly with any indulgent dish when for a comfort food fix.This vegetable helps fight against the risk of anemia with its high levels of vitamin Bs: riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and B6.They're also known for improving gut health with their prebiotic soluble fibre content.  Make a creamy asparagus soup or risotto or you could even boil them topped with a decadent vegan hollandaise sauce.

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